Make your child's next birthday a royal one.

Ballarat is our new home!

Our newly upgraded characters look like they came straight out from Disneyland!

Please bear with us and book any of our currently upgraded characters available.

An entire celebration with laughter excitement and surprises

We have different fun activities your child and their friends would love, such as story telling time and blowing bubbles. We also offer a variety of royal themed games depending on the age range, such as the famous pass the parcel, limbo, fairytale snap, popcorn and many more.

A perfect birthday present

With our packages, you will certainly be happy and satisfied having all the fun your child would ever want. It is indeed our pleasure to put all these magical party activities together to make their experience unforgettable and worthwhile.

A magical experience for your little one they will never forget

Our characters will speak, act and serenade you with a beautiful voice just like in the fairytale movies! Your child will believe their favourite character is actually attending their birthday party and will never want to let go.

Our Main Princess

Erica is a wife to her prince charming and mother to her little princess. She is a very talented well-rounded professional International Model, Independent film/TV Commercial Actress and Character Performer. Her diverse Asian and European background and great physique, allows her to portray many characters of different ethnicities like the famous princesses.

She is a Master of Creative Arts graduate in 2016 from Deakin University in Burwood, Melbourne. She was trained in Method Acting at the Melbourne Actor’s Lab, Flow Technique at Paul O’ Brian Acting and as well as Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia.

Her extensive experience in live performances, mainly as a Princess in the children’s entertainment industry, has given her a great foundation. She previously worked for a luxury children’s entertainment venue in Melbourne and as well as other mobile companies. She has been a natural singer since she was 10 years old and has joined the choir until she graduated from high school. She was briefly a part of the Repertory of Young Professionals in Theatre overseas. She also had a duet with one of Philippines’ most famous international legendary singers, Mr. Jose Mari Chan, in one of his concerts in 2014.

She appeared in several commercials in Australia including Formula One, and Head and Shoulders. She appeared in short and feature films in the independent film industry. She also had a cameo in 2 episodes of a Korean drama “Wonderful Mama”.

Erica being an artist, has always been an inspirational role model to her community overseas and here in Victoria, Australia. She has been very passionate as princess performer and as well as herself as an individual, with charity organisations supporting children.

Our Story

The story of Royal Fairytales started with a prince and a princess’ love and ambition to bring great happiness to the children of their kingdom, Victoria.
They searched high and low for the perfect fairytale experience. They came across some fine entertainment in the royal court, but they left you with very little gold coin.
One day, while on a mission ordered by a queen of a now forgotten land, the prince and princess stopped at a local candy merchant. While there, they saw the glimmer in a little girl’s eyes as she saw them smiling and walking gracefully in their elegant garments.
She was so delighted that it filled her heart with joy and hoped for them to not leave so soon. As they left in their white chariot, they knew that in that moment, they must create a new land.
With the princess having a voice of a songbird, charm, artistic integrity and a handsome prince to support her equally, Royal Fairytales emerged.

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Our Characters



Elsa is the queen of Arendelle who lives in her own castle made of ice. She has a beautiful voice and a magical power that allows her to create and manipulate snow! But don’t worry, she promises not to turn you all into ice during your party.


Rapunzel was the long-lost princess of Corona who used to live in a tower in the middle of the forest. She is a great explorer, a dreamer, energetic, quirky and has a very good sense of humour. She will definitely give you the chance to help her brush her very long golden hair while she serenades you.


Jasmine is a beautiful and kind princess of Agrabah. Living inside the palace walls for too long also gave her a rebellious and independent personality. She sings and dances very gracefully and her elegance is explicitly natural. Let her blossom you with her charm and together you’ll find the beauty of a whole new world in your wildest dreams.


Belle is a brave, intelligent and independent young lady who was once just an ordinary girl before she met her Prince, who was once cursed as a beast. She also loves to sing, read books and is definitely looking forward to story-telling time with your kids.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is a tinker fairy from Pixie Hollow who’s friendly, playful, determined, adventurous and creative. She loves to fix and create things! She will definitely liven up your child’s party with many fun activities such as singing, dancing games and many more! She may also offer to fix some of your child’s broken toys when she has time.


Raya is a brave and beautiful Southeast Asian princess of Kumandra’s Heart Land. She is a proud guardian of the dragon gem. Despite of her maturity, she still has a sense of humour and is very playful at times. She will gladly teach you her amazing warrior moves and tell you all about her unforgettable adventures.


Mulan is a warrior princess in China who is beautiful and brave. She is always happy to inspire people and encourage them to love their true selves. Let her amaze you with her warrior moves as she gives you step by step lesson.

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora was raised by three good fairies to protect her from the evil fairy. She grew up full of love and kindness. She will certainly entertain you with stories about her life as she was growing up with the fairies and sing you her favourite song ‘Once Upon A Dream’, the song she sang in her first encounter with the prince.

Snow White

Snow White is a very beautiful, sweet and gentle princess who loves to sing with the animals in the forest. She has a cute and adorable singing voice that is filled with charm and sweetness. Children will love her for her youthfulness and not only would she love to entertain your children, but your pets as well.


Ariel is a mermaid princess of the ocean. She very beautiful and sweet, yet quite rebellious. She has always wanted to take the risk to be a part of the human world. She will take you all to a fun party under the sea that you’ll never forget! Her wonderful singing voice and her sparkly mermaid tail will certainly keep you entertained all throughout.


Birthday Entertainment Packages


Princess Delight

(1 hr.) 10 kids max - $200.00

1 Character of your choice + Character Impersonation all throughout
Live Singing Performance
Blowing Bubbles
Group Dancing
Story Telling
Princess / Fairy Chat
Birthday Cake (blowing of candles)
Photo Op
Parachute / Limbo Games

Princess Sparkle

(1.5 hrs.) 15 kids max - $250.00

1 Character of your choice + Character Impersonation all throughout
Live Singing Performance
Blowing Bubbles
Group Dancing
Story Telling
Princess / Fairy Chat
Birthday Cake (blowing of candles)
Photo Op
Games w/ prizes

Fancy Princess

(2 hrs.) 20 kids max - $300.00

1 Character of your choice + Character Impersonation all throughout
Live Singing Performance
Blowing Bubbles
Princess / Fairy Lessons
Group Dancing
Story Telling
Princess / Fairy Chat
Birthday Cake (blowing of candles)
Photo Op
Games w/ prizes

Grand Royal Princess

(3 hrs.) 30 kids max - $350.00

1 Character of your choice + Character Impersonation all throughout
Live Singing Performance
Blowing Bubbles
Princess / Fairy Lessons
Group Dancing
Story Telling
Princess / Fairy Chat
Birthday Cake (blowing of candles)
Photo Op
Games w/ prizes
Arts and Crafts
A special birthday gift from the character

We also do appearances for school holidays, business promotions and other special events.



Does Royal Fairytales make appearances at corporate events or other special occasions?
Yes. Please contact us to get a quote regarding your event.

Shall we serve food before, during or after the entertainment?

The entertainer will only stay in the time frame based on the package, so if you would want the kids to just focus on the entertainment, we would suggest for the food to be served 30 mins. before it starts or by the time it ends. If food will be served within the time frame, the entertainer will continue to entertain the kids by making fairytale conversations with them while they're having their meal. The entertain may also do more photo ops or interacting with other guests.

Is preparation time included in the time frame?
No. The entertainer will arrive 10-15 minutes early to do the set up before the entertainment starts.

May the entertainer stay for the blowing of candles?
Yes! certainly, for as long as it is within the time frame.

May we extend the time of the entertainer on the day of the event?
Yes! Certainly. There will be a $50.00 fee for every 30 minutes extension, paid on the same day.

Are we able to discuss the party further with the entertainer?
Yes! The entertainer will call you a few days before the party to make sure everything is all set.

May we make other requests for the party?
Sure. Please write down your requests on the space provided at the bottom of the booking form and we will discuss with you regarding the possibilities.

May we book more than two characters?
At the moment, you may only book one character at a time. Please watch our characters page for our future duo packages coming soon!

Will the entertainment be done indoors or outdoors?
Either will do, depending on the season, but we prefer doing it indoors due to unpredictable weather that may ruin our high quality costumes.

How do we address the entertainer on the day of the character?
We would request for you to call the entertainer by her character name to continuously make the event more authentic and magical.

Is there a booking fee?
Yes. There is a $50 booking fee which is non-refundable.

What if we want to cancel or postpone the party?
In the event that you need to cancel or postpone the event, please note that the $50.00 booking fee is non-refundable. If you have already paid in full, the rest will be reimbursed.

Does the entertainer hold a working with children check / police check?
Yes! At Royal Fairytales, we understand your concern and safety for your children and we assure you the entertainer is more than qualified.

Is there a travel fee?
The prices mentioned reflect a standard 25km travel radius of Ballarat. If your event is outside of this zone, please don't hesitate to contact us to get a quote depending on your location.

What payment options are available?
We accept local bank transfers and cash in hand.

From the moment you open your door we will make your child's favourite fairytale character come to life!

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